The European Union is going through a profound transformation phase concerning economic and social processes in a world that has changed rapidly as a result of globalization. The severe economic crisis is affecting, in particular, the economic and social progress of the peripheral local communities which are victims of mechanisms often beyond their control. The crisis has highlighted weaknesses of the European economy, notably in Greece and south of Italy. Nowadays the real challenge Europe faces is to deliver short-term stability while at the same time developing a vision of Europe for the future. A Europe which promotes sustainable development, employment and defends its values and its social model.

In this difficult framework, the partners of this international initiative have imagined that one of the responses to the current crisis consists in strengthening the processes of European networking. A networking process targeted to share local excellence, to learn from others best practices with the idea that shared knowledge is more powerful. The theme of the project activities, the networking process and the methodologies being experimented can bring added value to the growth of the communities involved.

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