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ALSHADOS - Loliplop- Bram- France

A recreation center for teenager located in Ville de Bram has been contracted in 2013 with CAF in the youth childhood contract. This recreation center supports partly the political teen. Its operation will be mostly the holiday stay, reception time and allow the construction of holiday project.

Objectives of the recreation center for teenagers:

1-    Promoting citizenship and promote respect, tolerance:
•    Provide access to culture and leisure
•    Travel, cultural tours, themed outings
•    Establish a charter life together and ensure its implementation

2-    Accompany young to independence
•     Enable young people to be project leader
•    Implementation of self-financing the project, responding to a 100% winning project
•    Involve young people in the construction of the program of activities and projects.
•    The creation of spaces / free time young

3-    Promote welcoming new young
•    Facilitate the integration of new to other youth center
•    Use group games to create links between young
•    Involve quickly in a new collective project

4-    Develop leadership and critical thinking
•    Setting up Exchange time
•    Listening to their comments
•    By setting a up a time for discussion, exchange,
•    Decision making, conflict management that will allow everyone to express themselves, to find its place.
•    Topics may include the appointment but also other issues that concern their generation, local life.
•    Forum theater box idea.


The children are supervised by a trained facilitator and a management team.
Supervision is provided as follows: 1 animator for 12 children.
The ALSH welcomes children aged 11 to 17 years.
Each young person is allowed within the structure is given a registration form to be completed by the legal representative.
The young may have to leave one structure on parental consent.
The appointment is open:
-    from 12:30 to 18:00 on Wednesday
-    from 9:00 to 18:00 school holidays
In July the young people leave for one week stay in a European capital on the topic they choose: art, heritage, food, environment etc.

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